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Cameron's poems appear recently or are forthcoming in Five Points, The Florida ReviewThe Shallow Ends, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Exit 7, Ruminate, West Branch, TYPO, Whiskey Island, Forklift Ohio, Image, Tinderbox, Asheville Poetry Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, America, and elsewhere.

Selected Poems Online

"I grew / into a shoot within the sounds of traffic, and my mother hailed me /
 as a miracle, passing in her robe on the way to the television"

–from "The Weight" in The Boiler

"When I altared my wife, I was youth. / We burned into two arcs of light, /
then cooled back into man and woman"

–from "In the Galaxy of Sleep" in Tinderbox

"But give me your silences, / and I will wear them on my clothes, / the delicate
remains of your tongue / clinging to this body, these limbs / you gave me to fruit the world"

–from "To the Ghost" in America Magazine

"I will love you when we are bright / as a biplane in the sun / when I am
a bird on the horizon and disappear into you"

–from "I Will Love You in the Morning" in Typo

"Your eyes are a brocade of finches, / feathered bronze and gold-flecked /
shards of stained glass, afloat in pails of morning’s milk"

–from "Icon of an Unknown Saint" in Image Journal

"how the longing makes / even the thought of prayer impossible / how you entered
the cathedral off 97th / and discovered you had lost / the cathedral inside yourself."

–from "Before Sunrise" in The Shallow Ends

"When did we notice the moon / in the city, just one light / among many to perpetuate
the myth of our continuance?"

–from "Caveat Spectator" in Wildness

"Do not make me one of the trees bowing / in soft wind, not the heavy branches at sway /
or the murmuring leaves. But let me be a molecule / of water flowing in the veins,
the inner blood / pressured through the rings"

–from "Between Prayer" in Image Journal